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If you're motivated to sell your own home, we want to resource you for complete success.

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Home Sale Starter Kit

About How it Works

A Great Modern Solution

The Pros of a

Home Sale Starter Kit

The tools available to us in modern day allow for a much more streamlined approach to home selling that can be of great benefit to you, the home seller!

Don't Pay 6% Commission Fee

Did you know you can leverage all the tools of a brokerage without giving away capital to a real estate agent?

Expert Support

We can make your transaction official and see it through to the end, while still letting you stay in the driver's seat.

Low Flat Fees

You get to know your fees upfront so you can sell your home in the way that benefits you most.

Powerful Tools

All the tools that you need to list your home and get it seen by those searching are here! Including: MLS, Zillow and More!

Trying to Sell Your Home?

Let us help you.

We specialize in assisting FSBO listings in a way the puts you in the driver's seat and helps make home sales successful even in unique circumstances.

  • Short time in home and need to sell early

  • Need every bit of equity available in the home

  • Sudden job relocation has you on a compressed timeline

A New Way of Doing Real Estate Transactions

Put the Power of the Home Sale Back in Your Hands

We want to equip you and support you, not take control from you.

Our Brokerage will give you a great package of tools to get started and will have a representative available throughout the process. You're not alone but you are driving the ship. This will allow us to cut cost down and keep the process moving forward.


List Your Home


Show Your Home


Close And Save Money!

The Process

What it looks like

With your Home Sale Starter Kit you will have everything you need to get your home on the market and begin showing it WITHOUT the typical fees. And even with the support of an agent if that's something you feel like you need.

List Your Home

We provide the for sale signs and the official listing to MLS and major platforms.

Show Your Home

Now your home is on the market and you get to experience the difference in selling your home with your own starter kit.

Close And Save Money

The best part is seeing your plan succeed as you close on the sale of your home and save money just like you wanted.

Creating New Possibilities

See Our Pricing Plans



Total Cost


Up Front

We can get you up and running with the items you need to start selling your home.

  • Home Listed on Local MLS

  • Also Appear on: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, Remax, Homes.com, and more.

  • Yard Sign

  • Lock Box

  • Marketing Materials

  • Professional Photography

  • Transaction Coordination on Close



Total Cost


Up Front

Basic Starter Kit Plus:

  • In House Consultation

  • Support Agent Available by Phone

  • Hosted Open Houses

  • Premium Photography Package

  • Pricing Assistance

  • Email Marketing to Local Agents

  • Showingtime App




We offer full brokerage services if you need more help.

*Pricing refers to costs on sellers side of transaction


What if my home doesn't sell?

We want to resource you so that you can have success selling your home, however this is always a possibility. That is why we require low money up front to cover the necessary costs, to keep your loss at minimum in this case.

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Will I have help selling my home?

Our "Premium Starter Kit" offers support from a live agent throughout the process which can be a big help. Otherwise in our "Basic Starter Kit" we offer tools to help you get your home sold.

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Will my home be searchable online?

Absolutely! Every package we offer makes sure that your home is properly listed according to industry standards, including professional pictures.

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Do I get a sign for my home?

Yes, a for sale sign is always included to help attract attention to your home.

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Hear From Our Clients

We make our services available because they provide help to families and individuals needing home selling solutions. The best part of our job is feedback from people who have had success.

Raul Melara

One of the best decisions I've ever made. It's a great company made up of great people.

Fiona Mao

They handled both selling our old home and buying our new home. All that was handled swiftly and it involved very many moving parts and they got the job done!!! I highly recommend them and will be sure to use them again when we get ready to add on to our current home!

Rafael Alonso

The process was amazing! All the paperwork and the communication was essential and well-executed by the staff.

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